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About us

AGRI Products Industrial Limited is a family-owned business company based in the mainland China, mainly engaged in Agricultural packaging material production, conceived by some of the packaging industries most experienced people. We offer a variety of finishes and types of Agricultural packaging products to meet customers demand. The AGRI range of our Main products are as following:

*Silage Wrap Film-We are the most biggest and professional manufacturer of the silage wrap in Asia. Quality is our first guarantee. Our AGRI Silage Wrap works easily and wraps securely to protect through the hottest summer and coldest winter for at least twelve months.
*Bales Net Wrap-Our bales net wrap are manufactured using new production technology. Uses 100% original HDPE-material combined with UV-stabilizers, our bale net wrap has been sold to Spain, NZ land, USA, Iceland, Chile, Finland in the world, Best quality with competitive price, is your first option;
*Stretch Film- Ourstretch film has functions of ultra-damp proof, dust removal, fixation, centralization and anti-lost for packaged goods and make less waste.
*Waste Wrap Film-
Wrapping waste bales is a new way for stocking the garbage, our film will keep the waste airtight and maintain both transport and long term stocking. It is an excellent way to compact waste into tidy and manageable bales.

AGRI Products Industrial Limited's passion is to provide Intelligence,Steady,Reliable Agricultural packaging products.Together with the administrative and sales team, we are ready to give you world-class professional service.


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