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Technological innovation

Advantages of the round bale silage system

The round bale silage system, sometimes referred to as `balage', has a number of advantages over hay and conventional silage systems: 

1. Substantially reduces the risk of weather damage to the forage compared with a hay system.

2. Provides flexibility as the baler can be used for both hay and silage. Main attraction of large round bales is the ease and simplicity with which they can be mechanically handled. 

3. Lower overall fixed and operating costs than other forage systems--requires less specialized equipment and no storage structures. 

4. Baling requires less energy than chopping. 

5. Lower field losses than round or square baled hay. 

6. The system is easily expandable without a large investment. 

7. Can store at a higher moisture content with less seepage loss. 

8. Natural green color more likely to be maintained than in conventional structures. 

9. Bales can be self-fed, eliminating the chore of daily feeding usually required with chopped silage. 

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